TikTok is one of the winning social media marketing platforms in the competitive world. It is a video-sharing network that allows users to create 15 second short videos with music, effects, filters, and some other features. TikTok is a wonderful platform that encourages users to express their talent creatively. 

TikTok is an entertaining platform that offers many opportunities to attract its target audience. Many marketers are selecting TikTok to improve their business growth. Here are the top TikTok statistics every marketer should know to enhance their business on the platform. 

1. TikTok Users Worldwide

Since TikTok launched in September 2016, it has seen potential growth over the past few years. According to the TikTok research, the platform has more than 689 million users every month worldwide. Tiktok is the seventh-largest network in terms of users. It is the platform that gains more users within three years, but Instagram takes six years to gain the same amount of users. Additionally, TikTok has 600 million daily active users. Many people are creating compelling content to attract more followers to their accounts. If you have very few followers to your account, buy real TikTok followers to boost your account reach. 

2. How Many TikTok Downloads?

In February 2019, TikTok crossed 1 billion downloads, and within eight months, TikTok reached 1.5 billion downloads. The recent TikTok statistics show that it is the most downloaded app from the google play and apple app store with more than 2 billion downloads worldwide. Additionally, in the middle of 2021, TikTok has reached 315 million downloads worldwide. These stats are enough to prove that TikTok is a successful platform to expand your reach. 

3. Users Spend Time On TikTok

TikTok research says every user spends 52 minutes every day to create short, attractive videos or to see others engaging videos on the platform. From these stats, you will know that average users spend nearly one hour every day in TikTok. When TikTok is compared with other social media networks like Instagram, users spend 53 minutes, and Facebook users spend 58.5 minutes. The main reason people spend on social media is to look at the top trending content on the platform. 

4. How Many Countries Are Using TikTok?

As of 2019, TikTok is available in 155 countries with 75 languages. It is the main reason why TikTok is popular among users. Additionally, TikTok has the potential to grow its audience in a short time. Importantly, people living in Thailand alone downloaded TikTok more than 10 million times. If you’re a marketer, these statistics will help you to find your target audience on TikTok. It is the only platform that allows you to reach people in 155 different countries to enhance your business.

5. How Many Users Use TikTok Multiple Times Everyday?

TikTok is the best video-sharing network with many potential audiences. 90% of TikTokers use the platform daily. According to the research of GlobalWebIndex in 2019, more than 68% of people use TikTok to watch other videos, and 55% of TikTok use the platform to post their own videos. This is why many potential TikTok users use this platform to reach their audience and achieve their business goals. 

6. Number Of Viewed Videos On TikTok

Influencer Marketing Hub says more than 1 million videos are viewed on TikTok every day. These stats will give you an idea of how you should be attentive to capture your audience’s attention. In TikTok, more than 1 million videos are posted per day, so if you want to attract more audience to your account, you need to share trending topics to gain more followers to your profile. These are the exciting stats after knowing that you can easily create a successful TikTok marketing strategy. 

Instagram is the topmost social media network which is owned by Facebook 2012. In recent days, Instagram has been used by people, marketers, and creators. Instagram has more than one million users across the world, which helps to share amazing videos, images and you can follow your favorite celebrities. 

In this article, we have discussed Instagram tricks and what marketers should know in the competitive world. 

1. Choose Your Account Type

If you’re a normal person, you can use a personal account and keep your account private. Otherwise, if you become a creator on Instagram, you will select the creator account for business use. You want to choose the account type – 

Go to profile -> Settings -> Account -> select which account you want. By using this trick, you will get your target audience and get more engagement to your profile. 

2. Stop Negative Comments

You want to stop your negative comments from your viewers, and you may apply a filter on your post by using the settings option. It’s a manual filter that anytime you can add and remove. 

How to do it? 

Profile -> Settings -> comments -> Apply filters -> Turn on the manual filters-> Add your negative words what you want to add. 

Hereafter, you get any negative comments from anyone, those comments will be considered spam and removed automatically. 

3. Create IGTV series based on your Business

IGTV helps to create a series to upload the videos on your account. If you simply label them, your viewers can find the videos quickly and efficiently.

How can I do it? 

Go to your Instagram Feed page -> click the “+” icon on the display screen -> select IGTV -> to choose the video. 

IGTV is the mini YouTube that helps to create and upload your content. If you buy IGTV likes for your videos, you will get instant likes organically. Finally, you will get more engagement on your IGTV videos. 

4. Upload Multiple Images

You can select multiple images or videos at the same time in your Instagram account. Also, you will share them with your Instagram followers. Hereby, you will save your time while posting your content. 

Go to the Instagram page -> Click the “+” icon at the top of the feed -> click select multiple icons and choose images. Keep in mind that you can upload only 10 images per post. 

5. Make Glowing Text 

This Instagram trick will make an emoji glow or include a glowing border around the emoji which helps to attract the audience and get more views. 

You can use these tricks in your Instagram stories, which is the coolest trick ever you have seen! 

Here is the way to create:

Choose your emoji -> Tap Neon (appear at the top of the screen) -> select the color which you want. Finally, the emoji will glow on the stories. Like emoji, you can include the text and select the color. 

6. Conduct A Quiz on Instagram

Conducting a quiz will help to get the audience’s attention and increase your followers count. Also, you can share it with your followers, friends and get unique answers. It is a successful way to engage your audience. 

To create:

Click the sticker icon -> choose quiz -> raise your questions

Suppose anyone participates in your quiz and chooses the answers. They will choose the wrong option, indicate red color, and choose the right answer to indicate the green color. The audience is also ready to participate in these types of quizzes and get the answers. 

7. Use Reels Content

Instagram reels are a new feature where everyone can create a video and upload them to their account. It allows you to make content for 15 sec. So, create short content and impress your target audience. 

What Can I do? 

Open your Instagram account -> Choose “+” on the screen -> Select Reels -> Start your content or swipe up your Instagram page from the right side and start your content. Buying Instagram TV likes will help you to improve your visibility and engagement for your content.