5 Powerful Ingredients To Grow Your TikTok Account And Become Viral

TikTok has quickly risen to become one of the most frequently used applications on the planet. There are over 800 million active users, and it has been downloaded more than a billion times, with the number of users increasing regularly. Many people are at home, especially during this unique period of quarantine that we are experiencing, and many are turning to TikTok for entertainment.

The “For You” page or feed has a mixture of videos, with the algorithm displaying videos that it believes you would enjoy. A most compelling incentive to sign up for TikTok is the opportunity to build your account quickly, even overnight, by uploading almost anything on the platform.

How Does The TikTok Algorithm Work?

TikTok’s algorithm works similarly to the Instagram algorithm in that it encourages you to stay on the app. It is possible to view videos on two different pages: the Home page, where it states “For You,” which is a combination of films TikTok believes you would like based on the algorithm, and then the “Following” page, which has videos of postings from people you follow.

The TikTok algorithm is primarily concerned with showing you films it believes you would enjoy based on what you view (your completion rate for watching a video), what you engage with (like and comment on). 

How To Go Viral On TikTok By Growing An Account?

#1 Fall On Trends

On TikTok, there are several trends. From dances to words, and pretty much everything in between. Specific challenges are simple, such as replicating your favorite album cover or showcasing your latest cosmetic purchase. 

A fantastic approach to discovering trends is perusing the Discover page’s hashtags (second from the left after home). You’ll find popular hashtags here, as well as videos associated with them.

#2 Include Hashtags On TikTok

The discover page displays the most popular hashtags. Utilize hashtags that are pertinent to your video and the audience you’re attempting to reach. For instance, if you’re posting a trip video, you may include broad hashtags such as #travel and #tiktoktravel, as well as location-specific hashtags like #paris and #france. 

Consider using the hashtag #travelthrowback because it’s popular and presently trending. Alternatively, hashtags such as #over30 target an older demographic.

#3 Add Trending TikTok Hashtags

TikTok’s sounds and songs are an excellent method to be recognized. Trending hashtags can maximise video views for TikTok and get seen by people worldwide. Similar to how hashtags and movies trend, sounds do as well. Individuals frequently click on a sound and see videos linked to that sound.

For instance, when you are learning a dance, click on the song’s sound and watch a few other movies that use that sound. Additionally, certain sounds highlight the For You tab, so you may be featured if you utilize one.

#4 Distribute Original Content On TikTok

If you can generate fascinating, important, humorous, or tragic content on your own, this is the most effective approach to develop your TikTok account.

Share something fresh, establish your trend, or incorporate a sound or music that you made. Naturally, the possibilities for producing unique TikTok content are limitless. Make certain that your films are initially interesting so that viewers continue to watch.

#5 Frequent Posts

Frequently, individuals remove TikTok videos that aren’t performing well. Removing a few TikTok videos isn’t healthy because some videos can take time to reach. Neglect deleting the videos that didn’t wide reach the audiences and give it some time for exposure. 

While TikTok statistics indicate when your followers are engaged, there is no universally optimal time to post. As a result, you may post movies at any time of day.

Wrapping Up

Sharing stories is the preferred method of increasing your TikTok’s popularity. You can share a humorous tale about your day. Keep it brief and concise, perhaps leaving them wanting more or sharing in a follow-up. Whatever type of tale you offer, you want to evoke an emotional response from your audience; after all, you want to inspire someone.