Must Known Statistics and Facts about TikTok in 2021

In this updated world, social media is unavoidable. TikTok is one of the excellent social media platforms worldwide. TikTok enables everyone to be a creator to create, edit, and share different videos. The maximum video length on TikTok is up to 15 to 60 seconds, and it is the first platform that allows short video clips. Lip-syncing and dancing videos are more common among the TikTok users.

On TikTok, statistics is one of the essential parts everyone should know about the ultimate platform TikTok. Let’s see why millions of users use this platform as a part of their life. 

In this blog post, you can see the interesting statistics and facts about TikTok that everyone needs to know in 2021. 

Let’s get elaborate. 

General TikTok Statistics and Facts

1. TikTok Hit the World in 2017

The social media platform TikTok was officially launched in September 2017. The app quickly became a hit in several markets worldwide. 

2. TikTok has More than 1.5 Billion Downloads 

When it comes to the app’s popularity, TikTok is much better than the other social networks like YouTube and Snapchat. The number of TikTok app downloads now reaches 1.5 billion downloads. 

3. 500 Million monthly Active Users  

How many users are there in TikTok? The number of users who access the platform at least once a month is more than 500 million. This result shows TikTok is more popular than Reddit, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

4. User Spends 52 Minutes Per Day on TikTok 

According to the research, TikTok users spend 52 minutes per day on TikTok. On the other hand, the average user enters the app 4 to 5 times a day. 

5. 90% of TikTok users Access at least once a day

TikTok users are more active than ever, and 99% of users can access TikTok at least once a day. This is the ultimate for this app’s popularity and success. 

6. 41% of users are age between 16 to 24 years

TikTok is more popular among teenagers and youngsters aged between 16 to 24 years. 41% of users on this platform are aged in this group. 

TikTok Business Facts 

7. TikTok Offers Four Types of Ads Feature 

Advertising is a common feature on social media platforms. TikTok offers four types of advertising features to enhance your business growth. Types of TikTok ads are: 

  • In-Feed Native Ads
  • Brand Takeover Ads
  • Hashtag Challenges
  • Branded Lenses

8. Hashtag Challenge is the Most Popular Advertising Format

There are several advertising formats on TikTok which enhance your brand across the world. The most popular advertising format on TikTok is hashtag challenges. Most marketers spend their money to make effective challenges that encourage their audience instantly. 

9. TikTok videos get more than 17 Billion Views Per Month 

It is the best piece of data to show TikTok’s marketing potential. According to the platform’s research, TikTok’s monthly video views are more than 17 billion. It is more than the YouTubes video views. If you want to get more visibility for your videos, you can buy real TikTok views to gain more views for your videos. You can also get the chance to become a famous person on TikTok. 

10. TikTok Influencers have 2.5 Million Followers 

If you ask Is people make money on TikTok?” Of course, as with TikTok, you can definitely earn money within a short period. TikTok influencers have more than 2.5 million followers to their account, and they can charge $500-800 per post. 

11. 49.1% of the Posted Contents on TikTok is Regular User Accounts

The hottest part of TikTok is its content. According to the research, regular accounts can publish 49.1% of content on TikTok. Top TikTok influencers follow with 34% of all posted content. Brands are responsible for just 3.7% of the contents. 

These are the essential statistics and facts about TikTok everyone needs to know in 2021. These statistics help to improve your content and marketing strategy on TikTok within a short period.