Thirteen Tried-And-True Strategies For Promoting Your Instagram account

First, make more material.

Instagram is more dynamic and things happen a lot faster than on other social media platforms where you can only publish so much stuff before getting on your audience’s nerves. For example, if you want to maintain visibility among your intended audience, you should definitely update at least once each day. More than one post each day is acceptable if you have a sizable audience. In other words, what should you write about? You may jump to the top of your followers’ feeds by sharing product photos, quick videos, memes, and tales.

Participate in mainstream discourse

Instagram’s hashtags simplify inserting yourself or your company into an ongoing debate. Companies like, for example, are promoting their services by using broader hashtags like #tbt and #college in addition to more specific ones like #writing. If you want to create an impression, your hashtags should include a balance of long-tail keywords and generic terms.

Promote your Instagram posts on other platforms

If your Instagram account’s settings let it, you should also cross-post your Instagram photos and videos to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to increase your reach. In addition to expanding your reach, this might also increase your return on investment. Keep in mind that other social media networks, like Facebook, may not appreciate hashtags as much, so you may need to think of another method to characterise the photographs you’ve shared if you want to get your message through.

Fourthly, utilise the link in your bio.

It’s a good idea to include a link to your website in your bio, but it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. Whether you’re the top paper writing service in the industry or a brand new startup, switching it up every few weeks to highlight your newest content, a landing page, or a limited-time offer/discount is a smart approach to use it.

The fifth rule of caption writing: tell a tale

Even if your photographs speak for itself, it’s important to make use of the opportunity to provide subtitles. You may get a lot of attention from your audience if you provide them with something pithy to read in addition to an image they may glance at for a few seconds, like, and share. A little extra work on your part is required, but the outcomes are worthwhile.

Build your content around readers, not keywords

Instagram photos should include people prominently. Instagram’s widespread appeal stems from its users’ penchant for recounting and discussing their adventures; capitalising on this trend, you may demonstrate how your items are put to use without being too pushy. Images like that personalise your brand and tell a more compelling tale than any text could ever hope to.

Promote user-created material

While on the topic of individuals, user-generated content is a powerful tool. From the outset, firms that make direct mention of their customers in their social media posts are more likely to see increased engagement. On a second point, customer and follower-generated images are a more organic form of advertising than paid promotion.

Join forces with key opinion leaders (number eight)

There are always influential people to be found, no matter what field you work in. As most influencers have a large following and a specific area of expertise, their opinions are often sought for. People are more likely to take their word when they recommend a product or brand they’ve used before. You may contact them through tagging or sending them a private message. The next step is to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement.

Never forget to provide your location in a post.

It’s possible to increase the chances of people coming across your Instagram posts and, by extension, your business, by including your location information in each one. How so? People are always looking for local companies, and if you’ve properly marked your area, you’ll appear in their results. You may also identify the location of events you’ve hosted or attended, in addition to your business or city.

Get rid of all the junk from your profile.

Not all user-generated content is high-quality enough to represent your company successfully. But you can’t delete them entirely, Instagram’s “Edit Tags” feature allows you to make changes to existing hashtags. Just choose the photos you don’t want shown and click “Hide from Profile” to remove them. This will provide you some sway over user-generated material.

Do freebies and competitions.

It may seem counterintuitive to give away your items, yet doing so can lead to increased brand awareness and even sales. Many people will start to follow you. You should hold a contest at least once to see what kind of impact it has on your brand before deciding whether or not to continue doing so.

Use guest blogging as an option 12

Establishing oneself as an expert in one’s industry, constructing high-quality links, and attracting more visitors to one’s website (or, in this example, Instagram profile) may all be accomplished by guest blogging. You’ll be seen by more people and reach a wider audience, all while strengthening your search engine optimization (SEO). If they don’t let you include a link to your Instagram feed inside the body of the piece, you may usually do it in your author profile.

13 – Conduct a sponsored effort

Last but not least, Instagram also offers sponsored advertisements, which may put your business in front of your target demographic and bring in new clients. To determine the campaign’s success, you must first learn about your target demographic and then keep an eye on the stats.

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