The Importance of Consistency On Social Media Marketing

You’ve come to the right place if, like Figo Pet Insurance, you’ve been wondering how maintaining a consistent presence on social media can enhance your social strategy, expand your audience, and boost your company’s bottom line. The group responsible for Figo’s social media presence shared their advice for keeping up a consistent social cadence and relating results to overarching business objectives in this piece.

When it comes to brand image, here’s why it’s important to be consistent on social
Social media consistency is crucial to your long-term success, not just a nice-to-have. You need to be consistent on social media for four main reasons.

As the saying goes, “practise makes perfect.”

Figo’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Bridgett Colling, recognised an opening to increase the brand visibility on the video-sharing platform TikTok. But she was also aware that sheer quantity and regularity were prerequisites for app success.
Colling said that even though publishing as often as five times per week was a challenge for her small team, it was worth it because it gave them a chance to hone their skills and really go for it.

Cheyanne Rains, Figo’s Social Media Coordinator, took advantage of this uniformity to create a social media video template that streamlines the production process. There are many of her videos, including their most successful one, that take no more than 15 minutes to create from scratch.

Do better than your rivals

More than 30,000 Sprout customers were analysed by the data science team, and they found that the average number of posts made per day across all social media channels was 11. Moreover, the best way to beat TikTok’s algorithm and secure a spot on the coveted #ForYouPage is to give your audience new and interesting content on a daily basis.

That happened in front of Bridgett’s very eyes. “Although we’re a newer, smaller pet insurance brand, our reliability distinguishes us from larger, more seasoned rivals.” She claims that Figo’s views, engagements, and share of voice are on par with, or even higher than, those of its rivals.
Cheyanne uses Sprout’s Competitive Analysis Report (screenshot above) to monitor these metrics and compare Figo’s performance to that of its rivals. Figo can use the results to demonstrate the worth of social to investors and monitor the vitality of their brand.

Prepare a place for exploration

Cheyanne describes Figo’s 2023 video strategy as “experimental,” highlighting the importance of trying new things. She found out what kinds of posts got the most likes and shares by publishing on a daily basis.

According to Cheyanne, “the highest engagements are driven by trendy noises and memes associated with pets and pet insurance.” An additional category of popular videos is the illustrative listicle. She kept coming back to the same formats in order to crank out a steady stream of engaging material.

Figo’s “Ask the Vet Tech” series amplifies their internal thought leadership and provides unique value to their community, but even with solid success from these formats, there was room for new ideas thanks to their consistent posting cadence.

Create a following

For Figo, becoming popular on TikTok was a major achievement. However, Bridgett clarified that going viral wasn’t their top priority. Finding and cultivating a genuine online community is more valuable than going viral.

Cheyanne realised that in order to make connections, she needed to learn more about the TikTok community. Viewers of TikTok videos are typically just regular people with a smartphone. Your videos should have a genuine feel. Instead of sounding like a robot, try talking to them like a real person.

As a result of its algorithm, TikTok provides users with a highly specific and individualised experience. If you want to connect with your target demographic, you need to provide them with content that addresses the issues they care about on a regular basis. As Cheyanne puts it, “Keep up with the newest developments in your area. Not just the latest viral songs or memes, but also the prevailing themes in contemporary discourse. Think about how you can connect their experiences to your brand.

Keep up with your social media posts consistently to increase sales

Once you’ve mastered maintaining a consistent presence on social media, you can use it to strategically boost sales.

The Figo team followed these four steps to establish a TikTok presence and begin converting channel expansion into financial gains.

Gain support from upper management before proceeding

You need time to grow your audience on any social media site. Even before you begin to see results, you’ll need the backing of upper-level management. Bridgett says her CMO’s backing is “vital” to the growth of her company’s brand.

Takeaway: Present your plans to higher-ups if you want to test out cutting-edge tech or expand into new networks. To convince them, demonstrate how social media’s potential benefits can boost your company’s bottom line over time. Convince them to support your strategy by investing in it with their time and money.

To effectively reuse content

Consistency on TikTok was especially important for a small team like Figo, so they could reuse content that had already proven to be popular on their blog and other social networks. The strategy was so successful last year that they’re applying it to YouTube this year.

Transform unpaid promotion of organic performance into paid promotion

Figo attempted to test the waters by placing ads on TikTok. The initial profit was not very high. Until the “organic presence” took off, according to Bridgett, “TikTok didn’t start pushing people down the funnel.”

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